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1969 Shelby GT-500 Convertible (SAAC Gold)

Price :


Trans :

428 Cobra Jet 4V









Shelby Gold Award Winner, VIN 9F03841538

1969 Shelby GT-500

Vin 9F03R481538

Build Date 3/5/69

Short, Quick Check-List

· Correct Block

· Correct Transmission Type – 4 speed, not known if a nos match

· Correct Paint

· Correct rear end (not correct date code)

· Correct “S-tube”, Heath shield, snorkle

· Correct Carb

· Correct intake, heads, and exhausts for 428CJ, dates not known for heads or exhausts

· Correct “Ford” script glass and headlights

· Original sheetmetal

· Correct “Spare” and canister

· Correct radio

· Correct steering wheel

· Correct top

· Correct belts/hoses

· Multiple records of rebuild work

· Deluxe Marti Report

· Large number of Shelby Registry Records

· Correct Smog System

· Extensively detailed correct underside

Known “needs”

· Some seat belts missing date codes

Basic Overview

The Shelby is one of 12 with these paint and trim codes and one of 245 GT-500 Convertibles for the 1969-70 model year.

For many years the champ collector car of the big block convertibles (in-so-far as limited numbers) was reputed to be the 1968 GT-500KR. Claimed to have had only 218 examples. Once all the modern records were compiled the 69 GT-500 big block was discovered to own that title with just 244 models while the 68 KR actually had 517…more than twice as many!

If you are a true numbers purist, there were only 4 Shelby 1966 convertible GT-350’s, augmented in 1980-83 with 12 “continuation” cars. There were no 1967 convertibles. There were 403 1968 GT-350 convertibles, 1 GT-350 Hertz convertible, 402 GT-500 convertibles, 1 Hertz GT-500 convertible and 1 Hertz GT-500KR convertible. 1970 convertible production (left over 1969’s) amounted to 57 GT-350 convertibles and 90 GT-500 convertibles.

These figures are per SAAC records. Accordingly, this car is one of a total Shelby convertible population of 1732. As such, convertibles represented just 22.8% of the total population of 7604 Shelby’s built from 1965-1970.

This car comes with a Deluxe Marti Report, its original individual order sheet (3907) dated 6/23/69, its original Shelby Automotive Co., Inc invoice #04596 dated 6/24/69 and its original Pre-Delivery Service Sheet dated 6-15-19. Additionally, it comes with dated receipts going back to 1/10/97 (in the form of a Texas Title).

The car is well documented in the Shelby Registry. It was originally sold to William Eustance, Jr. on 7/10/69. Other previous owners include Redeker Pictsre, Larry Thomas (88), Bob Gaines (92), Kelly Schultz (96) and Curt Pictrowski (00). Current owner and the 6th formal owner is Curtis Burton purchased 5/10/21.

The car is in #1 condition and is a former Gold Concours winner in 1998 per SAAC and the records that accompany the car. Normally, this far distanced in time, this would not be a relevant fact. However, the car has been stored since that time and as a result the undersides and the condition of the car throughout reflect its past. The care of the storage is obvious upon inspection of the undercarriage – where there would normally be surface rust and a general degradation of the restoration, there is little to none.

Equipment: 428CJ (completely rebuilt – with receipts 8/20/2019 for $7278.93), 4 speed, 3:50 Traction-Lok, PS, PDB, White top, Black interior, Royal Maroon Paint, Tinted Glass, AM radio. It was originally shipped to MccAfferty Ford in Trenton, New Jersey.

Record Packet

The following record packet accompanies the vehicle:

Receipts for engine rebuild (K & S Machine 8/20/19), judging sheets from the 1998 SAAC – 23 Gold Concours Win, receipts from the last several years of work done on the car, copies of Texas Titles dating back to the time Kelly Schultz owned the car in 1997.


Inner Fender Numbers

Both inner fenders should carry the 9F03R481538 VIN of the vehicle. Fenders have not been removed.

VIN Plate

The vehicle VIN plate is in place, original and carries the correct VIN – 9F03R481538.

Door Tags

Door Tags are in place with all data that matches the Shelby Registry information, as does the car itself. These appear to be reproduction tags.


The carb is stamped C9AF-M, 4279 – correct for a manual 428CJ. Receipts are included for a complete rebuild of this unit.

Engine Block

Date code (adjacent to oil filter) as recorded by photo is 8K21 – 1968, October21. Per the Marti report the actual build date for the car was 3/5/1969, so this block is correct for the car. Many 428CJ engines did NOT have serial numbers on them, so it is impossible, with the data we have, so say more than that this is a correct period (date coded) engine for the car.

Intake Manifold

Date code on the manifold (at the rear of the manifold) is 8k21. Very poor date visibility, but have photo.

Rear End – 3rd Member

The rear end 3rd member is dated 9J16. This equates to September 16, 1969, so it is INCORRECT for the vehicle.


Heads are C8OE part numbered CJ heads, so correct for the vehicle. Date codes have NOT been checked.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are period correct markings from Marti Auto.

Headlight Bulbs

Correct “Ford” logo headlight bulbs.

Rear End Tag: (Photo Included in packet)




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