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About Us

Phoenix has been in operation since 1987.  We have bought, sold, traded, restored and owned over the long term many, many Shelby’s and a wide variety of muscle, exotic and antique vehicles.  Our restorations have brought top $ at auctions and we have done extensive ground up resto mod work for clients on trucks as well as cars.


The vehicles listed in this web site are typical of the work we do and the cars we trade in.  Typically, the 60’s era Shelby we deal in is characterized by the things we have seen define a high $ collectable car over the 35+ years we’ve been at this:


  • Provenance

  • Documented vehicle history

  • Receipts from the vehicle’s history

  • Records of important features and numbers of the vehicle

  • Rarity

  • Properly done restoration work when restoration has been done


We specialize in 60’s era muscle, particularly Shelby’s, big block Mustangs, Mach 1’s, Mopar, Corvettes, modern Ferraris, modern Lamborghini’s and interesting cars that are rare/or unique(the Bantams are examples of this).


We continue to do restorations for clients (our specialties are 66-70 Shelby’s, especially big blocks together with big block Mach 1’s from that same period).  We have an extensive library of reference material and secure sources for rare parts.  We try to deal with all our customers the way we like for folks to deal with us…directly and honestly. 


Contact us if you would like to discuss advise on buying collector cars (advise is free, and some would argue is worth what it costs!), selling your car to us, having us broker it for you (many of these over the years), buying one of our cars, or doing a trade of something you have for something we have.

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