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1939 Bantam Roadster - Yellow

Price :


Trans :

In-Line 4 cylinder




3 Speed Manual

Yellow with White Coves






A completely restored 1939 Bantam Roadster.


The car was purchased at the Mecum Houston auction in 2018. While outwardly it appeared to be in fair condition, the engine, transmission and brakes were in need of repair as was the steering. The paint had bubbles in multiple places.


Phoenix purchased the vehicle, disassembled it and performed a ground up restoration. It was taken to bare metal, painted with a two stage paint system, the engine was completely rebuilt, wiring redone, steering, clutch, brakes, starter, generator, radiator, gauges, chrome, seats were all redone or replaced. The electrical system was upgraded from a 6V to a 12V. The carb was rebuilt. The original period engine was rebuilt to factory specs. It cranks and runs flawlessly. It had new tires installed and has seen only a few "debugging" miles since completed. Has a clean title and is ready for a new home.


In the event you are unfamiliar with Bantam...The Bantam Company was the original inventor of the US Army jeep, having won the design competition. Untimately, even though they had fabrication contracts, the big car companies beat them out for production with the start of WWII and the company went bankrupt in 1941.


This is a roadster version of their car. They came in a number of industrial, truck and car configurations. The featured a 22hp in-line 4 cylinder engine capable of 50 mph (30 is about as fast as is realistic), 50 mpg and of rugged enough construction that a few of the small number built have survived until today. This car has all its original sheetmetal and frame. The engine appears to be a correct period engine of the correct type but is not believed to be original to the car. The vehicles weigh approximately 900 lbs, have 15 inch tires, no heater, no radio, no ps, no hydraulic brakes (unless they have been subsquently upgraded). The original sales price was approximately $500.

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